Abbotsford BMX Track

by Nathan


I live for mountain biking. Anytime the weather is decent, I’m there. The only problem is, Vancouver gets its fair share of rain. My parents don’t like me biking in the pouring rain. Which creates a problem for me in the winter. My mountain bike sits in our shed, literally collecting dust. The Abbotsford BMX Track could be my savior. I hear they have an indoor and outdoor track, plus they operate rain or shine. Coleman, my little brother, was excited to find out the Abbotsford BMX Track has a half-track called Tiny Tykes. He wanted to go, NOW. I told him he might need to upgrade his bike first. I mean, who has ever heard of a Norco “Macho.” Actually I think it was even my birthday present when I turned three—and I’m 15 now. His question was, “How about if I borrow yours?” Yah, right. Nice try Cole. Maybe in another ten years. Anyway I’m going to check this place out—as soon as I talk my Mom and Dad into taking a Sunday drive out to Abbotsford.


If you plan on going, the address is 32470 Haida Drive, Abbotsford.  If you want more details, call (604) 853-4563, or click on to




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