I figured out that my husband and I spent about ten years of our lives pushing children in strollers. I can remember thinking when we had Nathan how great it would be when he could ride a bike, then we could all ride off into the sunset together. That day came, but then we had Jen, and then, six years later we had Cole. I waited a long time for our family to ride off into the sunset together. The time is here. But guess what? Nathan is now 18, and riding down anything other than Double Black Diamond mountain biking runs is considered lame and uncool. What happened to my vision of the five of us all riding off into the sunset? Unfortunately, it may never happen. The painful lesson I learned is there is no Magic Moment when everything comes together perfectly. The moment you’ve been longing for may never come, or, as it happened with our family, it does come but some other family dynamic changes and your magic moment is lost.

   What this boils down to is make the most of NOW. When you set off on your next fun family activity enjoy it to the max. You never know what will happen down the road.

Enjoy your time together,

Mom, Dad, Nate, Jen and Cole