Mountain Biking at Apex Mountain - Penticton, Okanagan

by Nathan


If you’re vacationing in the Okanagan and want to try something different, head up to Apex Mountain for some downhill mountain biking or hiking. Apex is a cozy mountain village in the middle of many mountains, just 30 minutes outside of Penticton.  When I went there I had a blast.  Apex has a high speed quad chair called Quickdraw that takes you up to the top of mountain, so you can get plenty of awesome runs in a day.  It was fun because I had a chance to get away from all the usual ladders and drops and just ride.

Apex likes to focus on single track lines which are very easy and tons of fun for the fast-moving biker.  They have seven downhill/free ride runs.  My favourite runs were Moby Dick and the downhill course, which are both fast.  These trails have some jumps, but consist mostly of fast moving single track.  Apparently Apex just added a new stunt area with a smooth rollercoaster, arched roll-over to banked deck, and the start of a 22 foot long skinny.

While you’re on the mountain keep your eyes open for wildlife.  My parents saw two deer and I saw a bull while I was riding down Moby Dick.  If you like flowers, go for a hike up Grandfather’s Run—my Mom loved it.

Apex is a great way to beat the scorching heat of Penticton.  It’s about ten degrees cooler.  Actually, the day we went up it was overcast.  That worked for us too, because nobody felt like swimming without the sun. 

Age group:

All ages.

Expense rating:

Check the website below for current ticket prices, but when I went the ticket prices were pretty reasonable. And if you have lunch at the Gunbarrel Saloon, it costs about twelve dollars for a bacon burger with fries and a drink.


This place is like no other. Apex has a friendly and go for it attitude. It’s natural, not like other mountains where it’s all man-made. They make an incredible bacon burger at the GunBarrel Saloon, which hit the spot for me after a long day of biking. Trust me on this one, Apex is worth a visit.


I found some of the trails a little lame. I like to get a lot of air, and there weren’t too many chances for that. Also, some of the trails were hard to find. I found myself riding down dirt roads because I lost the trail. Also, if you don’t have a bike, you’re out of luck. No rentals.


Apex Mountain is about 30 minutes away from Penticton. What you do is go up a long windy road that takes you through a First Nations Reserve. Don’t fall asleep because there’s a lot to see. We saw a mother cow with her baby wondering alongside the road. I even touched the big cow’s stomach.

Keep in mind, in the summer Apex is only open on weekends and holidays.


Okanagan Valley (Apex Mountain is NOT in the Greater Vancouver area, but in the Okanagan Valley which is about a 3.5 hour drive). Website: .  Check out my other mountain bike activities: Mountain Biking on the North Shore, Okanagan, Mountain Biking on Mount Washington - Courtenay, Vancouver Island, and Mountain Biking on Silver Star Mountain - Vernon, Okanagan.



Educational highlights:

The top elevation is 7,200 ft.

Fun for the adult?:

My mom and dad love to hike, so Apex Mountain was right up their alley while I mountain biked.