Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park

by Nathe


Let me tell you about my latest deep-sea adventure.  I dove down into the depths of the ocean and swam with the sharks.  I wrestled with a huge octopus and boldly looked into the eyes of a piranha.  I rode on a whale's back and laughed at the jaws of a crocodile.  What a day I had--at the Aquarium.

I've been to the Aquarium a million times, but I never get bored.  I get to see all the fish and plant life you can't see from the top.  I would never know what a seahorse looked like if I didn't see one at the Aquarium.  Plus it has a killer whale show.  The whales actually do tricks to get some fish from their trainers.  Just be careful you don't sit in the splash zone.  Jen dared me once and I got soaked.  Boy was I sorry.

(Update:  The Vancouver Aquarium no longer displays killer whales.)

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All ages

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Going to the Aquarium is like looking into a gigantic fishbowl with all the neatest fish in the world swimming around in it.  I always thought seahorses were like unicorn, extinct, until I saw some bouncing in and out of the seaweed.  I also get to see fish living around here.  I'd sure like to dip my fishing rod in the salmon tank.  The Aquarium gives me pictures of all the fish I read about, and it brings my imagination to life.


One day it was pouring rain and everybody had the same idea as us:  go to the Aquarium.  At first we couldn't find a parking spot and then we had to wait in line to get in. 


Located in Stanley Park.  Call (604) 659-3474 for information.  Website:

Also checkout the Greater Vancouver Zoo - Aldergrove or the Rainforest Reptile Refuge - South Surrey




All seasons

Educational highlights:

Did you know the father seahorse is the one who has babies, not the mother?

Fun for the adult?:

I know Dad likes the Aquarium because he likes fishing, and there's plenty of fish there.  Mom always wants to leave before Jen and I do.  She likes going for a walk on the Stanley Park seawall.  How boring can you get!