Barnet Marine Park - Burnaby

notes from Dad


When we used to live in Burnaby, Barnet Marine Park was one of favourite places to visit, still is but we don't seem to get there as often.  At Barnet Beach, Burnaby's only official salt-water beach, there's a network of trails, nice views up Indian Arm and across the inlet to Deep Cove, and Cates Park.  There's a dock for fishing, studying the freighters or watching the ever present parade of power boaters.

Age group:

All ages

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Burnaby's only salt water beach; Barnet beach makes for a nice getaway on a warm summer evening.


Last time we visited Barnet Marine Park there was a flock of geese that were leaving their mark all over the park.


Located in North Burnaby at 8383 Barnet Highway.  Call 294-7450 for more information.




All seasons

Educational highlights:

If you look closely you can spot the remnants of a mill that was located in the area around the turn of century.

Fun for the adult?:

Barnet Marine park is great place to unwind.