Biking - Barnston Island - Surrey

by Dad


Here's a gentle bike ride for the whole family with a bit of a twist.  Barnston Island (bird's eye view) sits in the Fraser River along the Surrey section of the river.  Barnston's a small island, (only about 2-3 square miles) and you get to it by taking a 5 minute ferry ride across Parson's Channel to the island.  The ferry ride is free.  Actually, it's not much of a ferry but rather a tug with a small barge tied along side of it.  The ferry ride makes this activity a bit of an adventure for small children.  Barnston Island is flat with not much on there but farms.  A road circumvents the island, and takes about an hour by bike. 

Age group:

All ages

Expense rating:



Easy, flat bicycling.


Older kids may find the flat, circular road a bit unexciting.


To get to Barnston Island, go east on Highway 1 over the Port Mann Bridge  and exit at 176th Street.  Go north on 176th Street until you get to 104th Avenue.  Turn right on 104th Avenue and drive two shakes and you should see the "Ferry".  Phone (604) 501-5000 for more information. 




All seasons 

Educational highlights:

About 50 acres at the west side of the island has been designated as a future park.

Fun for the adult?:

I have to admit taking the "ferry" is fun, and the island is a pretty safe place for kids to ride their bikes.