Bear Creek Park - Surrey

by Jenavieve


I'm a member of the Norwester's Track & Field Club.  Every year we have a track meet at Bear Creek Park. It's called the Junior Olympics.  That track meet is by far my favourite, mostly cause of where it's at.  Wait until I tell you everything it has.  Bear Creek Park has a mini train, a great playground, water park, and a beautiful garden. Did I mention the track and surrounding trails?

I love the miniature train.  My cousin Pam and I go on the train every year, no matter what.  I think it's supposed to be more for little kids, but we don't care.  The train is really fun. As you're riding along the track you can see wild animals like rabbits and squirrels, plus a few wooden bears and deer thrown in for good measure. The train also has a great gift shop with videos, tee-shirts, candy, and popcorn.  We always buy a bag of popcorn before the ride, so we can eat it as we go around.

My favourite thing there is the playground. The playground is one of the biggest and funest playground I have every seen in my whole life. It has thing for all ages. It has huge slides, and great play equipment you won't see at any other playground. Also something that I love is the water park. This water park is only a little kid's water park but me and my cousin love it because after you have been running for hours it is nice to cool of in the water park. I think Coleman like it to because every year Cole brings his scooter and is always riding it through the water sprayers and through the puddles and he loves it. Another thing that is great about Bear Creek Park is the gardens there. At Bear Creek Park they have one of the nicest and most beautiful gardens I have every seen. It has so many flowers that I have never seen before. The gardens there are one of the best places to take a walk, because the flowers are so pretty and they smell so nice. That is another thing Coleman loves the gardens because he loves riding up and down the hills on his scooter and looks at all the flowers. At the park the also have picnic tables and BBQ's. They also have some good trails that you can take a walk on and scooter. They also have the track and the middle of the track witch is a football field. It also has some nice shady grassy places if you want to sit down. Don't worry if its hot they have an outdoor swimming pool to refresh in.


Bear Creek Park is located at 13750 88th Avenue in Surrey.




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