Biking - The Campus of the University of British Columbia

notes from Nate


When the weather is nice, or anytime it's not raining or snowing we like biking at U.B.C.  We ride around the university (it's huge) and look at all the neat buildings.  Dad even showed me a picture of himself hanging on one of the walls in a building.  There's so much to see there:  a library, swimming pool, stadium, anthropology museum, and it's really close to the beach too.

We're not too fast at riding, so we stick to the big roads and sidewalks.  But Dad says when I'm a better rider, he'll take me in the trails around the university.  Usually when we're finished riding Mom and Dad take us to the SUB (Student Union Building) for a treat.  P.S.  I noticed they have arcade games there too.  I can hardly wait till I'm old enough to go. 

Age group:

All ages.  Those who don't have a bike can walk or jog. 

Expense rating:

You could make this a free outing if you don't park in a metered area. 


You can ride wherever you want, and any way you want (I like to pop the occasional wheelie).  Plus, on the weekends and holidays there's hardly any cars to worry about.  Best of all I can ride as fast as I want, because I don't have to always wait for my sister whose still riding on four wheels. 


Parking is a gyp, but you can get around it by parking on the outside of the Campus on Marine Drive, close to The Botanical Gardens. 


Best on weekends when the university is quiet.  The easiest way to get there is by driving west on 12th or 16th or 41st.  These all lead to the University.  For more information call (604) 822-2211.  Website:




All seasons 

Educational highlights:

Notes from Mom:  Both my husband and I would like our children to attend University.  Riding around the university gives Nate and Jen pictures to put to our words.  Nate likes the idea of going to a school with a big outdoor and indoor pool, and so many neat buildings.  Jen likes the pop machines. 

Fun for the adult?:

I always liked school, so it's fun for me to go back and see the changes.  I have to be honest, though, and say my husband doesn't share this view.  He gives it a big yawn, but deep down I know he likes to see the kids having fun.  I also like the exercise I get from chasing the kids around.

Cartoons by Coleman:
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