Bridgman Park - North Vancouver

notes from Jenavieve


I'm going to tell you about a place that's super-dee-duper fun.  It's a park with swings, a slide, a thing you can climb on, and then some equipment Mom says grown-ups exercise on.  There are lots of trees and a big river that only Dad can remember the name of (Lynn Creek).

We always go for a bike ride first along the river:  it has a big wide path.  Dad and Nathe ride way up ahead and Mom and me go at My speed.  I like it because there's no big hills and we get to cross a foot bridge over the river.  Nathe and I always throw rocks, leaves, and twigs, whatever we can find in the river.  Then we head back after the same time The Barney Show is on for and play in the park.  It has a clean bathroom, so I don't have to worry about going in the grass. 

Age group:

All ages. 

Expense rating:

Free, unless the ice-cream truck makes a stop while you're there.  Then your kids will never forgive you if you don't buy them one. 


Bridgman Park is nestled in a grove of trees, with running alongside it.  Our kids love riding beside Lynn Creek, stopping every once in a while to throw rocks in the water, or look at something which catches their eye. 


We got caught once following the river too far on the other side.  The path stopped and we had nowhere to go, so Dad got sent back to get the van. 


Located near the Park & Tilford Mall in the vicinity of Mountain Highway and Keith Road.  You can actually see it as you're travelling south on the Upper Levels Highway.  Look for the green bridge off to the right, just before you cross The Second Narrows Bridge.  For more information call (604) 990-3800.


North Vancouver 


All seasons

Educational highlights:

Alongside the river there are a number of native trees and plants you can point out to your children.  There's also a Boy Scout camp you pass through and Capilano College is not far off once you cross the foot bridge. 

Fun for the adult?:

Notes from Dad:  Nathe is at an age now where he can actually push his bike up hills without whining.  There's enough trails to make the ride fun and somewhat challenging.  Also, behind the park is an exercise circuit, which we've never tried, but Nathe couldn't stop running on the big tire treadmill.