Buntzen Lake - Port Moody

by Nathan


I missed our family outing to Buntzen Lake, which really sucks because Jen said they had tons of FUN.  Apparently Buntzen Lake has a huge park where families get together, have barbecues, play games, and have FUN.  Not only that, there's a dock where you can fish from.  Jen said she caught a six-inch fish in her net, but it swam out before she could haul it out of the water.  Sounds fishy to me.  There was even a guy fishing in a doughnut with a built-in seat.  That must've looked funny.  According to Jen, Buntzen Lake has a sandy beach, perfect for digging holes and building castles.  Her and Cole went swimming, but Dad said they didn't last long.  It was the end of the summer, so I guess the water was too cold.

When everybody was done having fun on the beach, they headed for the trails.  Apparently there's a trail circling the entire lake.  Jen said she even saw kids bombing around on their mountain bikes and having FUN.  Sweet!  I'm always looking for new terrain to ride my bike on.  Mom mentioned Buntzen Lake also has a special area for dogs.    Dad must've liked that; he's always paranoid about steppping on doggy do do.  Anyway, the next time my family goes to Buntzen Lake, I'm going.

Age group:

Mom was saying Buntzen Lake is the perfect spot to hold a family reunion.  I guess that means grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, even babies can all have fun there.

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What's cool about Buntzen Lake is it doesn't take long to get there, only half-an-hour (from North Vancouver).  Plus you can  take your pick:  swim, fish, or ride your bike.  What more do you want?


I wish I went.


Buntzen Lake is a 4.8 km long reservoir maintained by BC Hydro.  The recreational area cover 182 hectares, and provides over 50 km of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails, swimming, boating, fishing, picnic area, and wildlife viewing.  

To get to Buntzen Lake, go through Port Moody (St. John's St.), and just as you leave Port Moody turn left on to Ioco Road.  Follow Ioco Road, then turn right on to 1st Avenue and again at Sunnyside Road.  Sunnyside Road will take you to the park entrance.  For more information call 1-800-BCHYDRO. 


Port Moody


Buntzen Lake definitely sounds like a fair weather place.  You could probably hike year round, but I'd wait till summer before I brought along my bathing suit and barbecue.

Educational highlights:

Did you know Buntzen Lake is used by B.C. Hydro to generate power.  Dad said it was first called Lake Beautiful and in 1903 it was renamed Buntzen Lake, after some guy who worked for B.C. Hydro.  They should've stuck with the first name.

Fun for the adult?:

Anytime you put together swimming, hiking, and fishing my parents are happy--mostly because they know we'll be happy.