Capilano Pacific Trail - West Vancouver

by mom


My husband and I had an unexpected surprise last weekend--time alone. Our oldest son, in a moment of weakness, agreed to take our two younger children to Grouse Mtn. for some Spring skiing.  I figured we had about two hours max. before something would go wrong--still enough time to fit in a short hike capped off by a coffee.

It was my husband's idea to try the Capilano Pacific Trail.  It goes alongside the Capilano River all the way from the mouth to the Cleveland Dam.  If you don't have time to go there and back, do what we did and take two cars:  park one at the Cleveland Dam, and drive the other to Park Royal where the trail begins.

What I like about this trail is the terrain has variety.  It meanders and goes up and down, which is important if you're factoring children into the equation.  There's plenty to look at and the scenery is spectacular.  Your kids will get a kick out of the huge trees, bridges, canyons, behind-the-scenes look of the Suspension Bridge, and the amazing Cleveland Dam (not exactly Niagara Falls, but they'll get the idea).  Pets are welcome as well.

We ended up back at Park Royal and were just starting to drink our coffees when Nathan phoned saying our freedom was over.  C'est la Vie.


You can start the trail at Park Royal Shopping Centre and walk along the Capilano River to the Cleveland Dam or vice-versa.  Here's a map of the Capilano Pacific Trail.


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