Castle Fun Park - Abbotsford

By Jenavieve


Me and Coleman had been begging Mom and Dad to go mini-golfing.  We finally got the chance.  Guess where?  Castle Fun Park!

I have never seen such a fun place.  It's like an everything-in-one theme park.  Castle Fun Park has bumper cars, a shooting gallery, go-karts, indoor golf driving range, an indoor batting cage, a soccer goal kick, indoor target hockey, and to top it all off, three courses of mini-golf (1 outdoor, and two indoor).

The indoor courses are called Coral Sea, and Jungle Golf.  We picked Coral Sea, mostly because the lady told us Jungle Golf would take us around two hours to finish.  There was already a lot of people playing it.  Dad and Mom were tied for first place.  But they both cheated.  One time Mom barely tapped her ball and she said it didn't count because her club hit the ground.  And Dad, his ball hit Coleman's shoe by accident and rebounded into the hole.  And he said it counted!  How cheap is that!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the arcade.  They have over 160 games.  On some of them you can win tickets which you can turn in for prizes.  They have tons of prizes to choose from.  You can even get a TV (for only 20,000 tickets).  I only won 65 tickets, but I think that's because Mom and Dad were cheap, and didn't give me enough tokens.

One time I was so close to winning the jackpot.  I needed to win three times in a row.  Unfortunately I ran out of tokens.  I was so close!  It was all Mom and Dad's fault.  Plus, most of the games don't give tickets, like those race car ones.  Anyway, I traded my tickets in for an eraser that looked like a yellow crayon and a really pretty ring.  Coleman only won one ticket because he played air hockey the whole time.

Age group:

Any age can have fun at Castle Fun Park.  Even if you're a baby, they have a merry-go-round and some other stuff.

Expense rating:

It's free to get into Castle Fun Park, but you need to pay money for mini-golf and games.


Castle Fun Park is one of those places where absolutely everyone in your family can have fun.  I dare somebody (especially a kid) to go there and say they're bored.


One thing I don't like about Castle Fun Park is it takes so long to get there.  Mom said it would take less time than watching two Arthur shows, but that's a long time when you're sitting in a car with no TV.

The other thing is it takes like a fortune to win tokens.  Well, maybe not a fortune, but pretty close to that.


Castle Fun Park is located just outside Abbotsford city.  You go on the Trans Canada Highway (#1 Highway) and take Exit #95, Whatcom Road.  Castle Fun Park is open all year round.  If you would like more information call (604) 850-0411.  Website:




All seasons

Educational highlights:

I think Castle Fun Park is very educational although Mom doesn't agree.

Fun for the adult?:

I wouldn't say my parents had a whale of a time.  Dad sat downstairs in the concession area and drank a cup of coffee.  How lame is that?  I guess the golf game tired him out.  Mom kept saying, "ten more minutes."  I could tell she was counting down the minutes (and probably her money too).  On the other hand, I saw loads of adults who were excited and laughing.  I guess it depends on what type of person you are, and how long you've been there.