Caulfeild Park Trail - West Vancouver

by Dad


This little known area of West Vancouver waterfront really reminds me of jolly old England with its narrow winding lanes, secluded beaches, and stately waterfront homes.  The Caulfeild trail runs along the ocean for 1.3 km from  Cypress Creek to the government wharf at Caulfeild Cove. The scenery here is king:  waves splashing on rocks, mature trees, and just like in a fairy tale, a church in the woods, aptly named St. Francis in the Woods Church which is very popular with weddings.  The stately mansions in the area will have you rubber necking. 

Age group:

All ages 

Expense rating:

Free including parking 


A magical area where Mom and Dad can dream about moving to, and the kids can pretend their Robinson Crusoe. 


The trail runs along the ocean bluffs so make sure you hold on to the little ones. 


Located approximately where Piccadilly intersects Marine Drive in West Vancouver. There is no official parking area so park anywhere you can on Marine Drive.  For information call (604) 925-7000. 


West Vancouver 


All seasons

Educational highlights:

In 1898 Sir Francis William Caulfeild landed in Caulfeild Cove.  Also the historic site where Captain Kettle's Pilot House once stood.  Who were Sir Francis William Caulfeild and Captain Kettle?  Beats me. 

Fun for the adult?: