Cultus Lake - Chilliwack Area

by Coleman


I never used to like going to Cultus Lake.  First Mom would wake us up way too early and then we'd have to sit in the car for a long time.  I always got stuck sitting between Jen and Nathan, and they'd always have at least one fight.  Then when we finally got to Cultus Lake, I'd have to go to the waterslides because that's what Jen and Nathe wanted to do.  I don't like waterslides.  I'm afraid to go down, because I don't like getting my face wet.

Whenever I got really bored, Mom would take me across the street to the swings and the slide.  Now that was fun, real fun!  I'd make a friend and we'd chase each other over the wooden bridge and down the tunnel slide.  Sooner or later Jen and Nathe would show up with Dad.  One time Nathan and Jen asked if they could swim, but Mom said we had to go home.

So the next time we went to Cultus Lake, guess what we did?  You should've seen us; we had so much fun on the beach.  Nathe and Jen went swimming.  They like looking underwater at the tiny fish.  That's hard for me to do without getting my face wet, so I built a sand castle instead.  Usually Nathe helps me.  He's the expert when it comes to building moats.  When Jen and Nathe got tired of the water they tried fishing.  You should've seen all the shiny fish swimming around the dock.  All we had for bait was bread.  The fish ate all our bread, but none of them went into our net.

Dad usually talks Mom into going for a dip.  It always takes Mom a long time to get into the water.  Except for last summer, when Nathe pushed her and Dad in-at the same time.  You should've seen them racing from one dock to the next.  Too bad for Dad-Nathe beat him.  After swimming we played mini golf and I even got to race a car on the track-only there wasn't anybody to race against.  Nathe got to race a car too, but his was on a big track.  He likes passing people.

I wish we could live at Cultus Lake all summer.  Dad says we can pitch a tent on the beach and eat trout.  So much for that idea-I don't like fish.

Age group:

Cultus Lake is fun for all ages.

Expense rating:

Free if you just go swimming in the lake.


Going to Cultus Lake reminds me of going on a summer holiday.  There are so many things to do; it's impossible to get bored.  You can go to the park, swim in the lake, fish, play golf, ride a go-kart, and if you want, go to the waterslide.  What more could you ask for?


Who wants to sit in a car for an hour-and-a-half?  Not me.  It's even worse on the way back, because everybody is tired and hungry.


Cultus Lake is easy to find.  All you do is get on the big fast road (Trans Canada Highway 1) (the one that doesn't have traffic lights) until you get to Chilliwack.  You can't miss the Cultus Lake turn-off; it has a big sign with a picture of kids going down a waterslide.  More information call 604-858-3334.  Website:


Chilliwack area


I bet those people who own the waterslides at Cultus Lake would be millionaires if it was summer all year long.  The problem is summer is only July and August.  After that, nobody wants to go down a waterslide or swim in the lake.

Educational highlights:

Did you know that the Chilliwack First Nations believe Cultus Lake is "bottomless".  Legend has it that a boy swimming in the lake, was swept away in a current.  The legend goes on to say that other First Nations people at Mud Bay near White Rock discovered the boy's body sometime later, supposedly carried there by an "underground river".

Fun for the adult?:

I know Mom and Dad like going to Cultus Lake, because they say they do, and we go every year.  Plus, Dad always asks us on the way home if we had a good time.  He never does that if the place we went to stinks.