Deep Cove Village - North Vancouver

notes from Nathan


A few summers ago we went to Deep Cove every day for a week.  My little sister, Jenavieve, was taking an art course there.  While she was making Puff the Magic Dragon and maracas, Mom and I went on our own discovery tours of Deep Cove.

Everyday we did something different.  The first day I rode my bike to Myrtle Park.  It has huge grassy fields and a bunch of trails perfect for riding.  We even saw a bear trap.  Luckily there was no bear inside, but boy did it ever stink!

Another day we went to Cates Park, which is a couple of miles away from Deep Cove village.  It has a huge round cement foundation with a bunch of little tunnels in it, perfect for playing hide-and-seek or tag.

Mom likes to hike so one day we went along the Baden Powell trail.  It has an access on Panorama Drive (the road where the big parking lot is on).  We hiked all the way to the Lookout, which has the most amazing view of Indian Arm.  Of course, I couldn't leave without building at least one dam.  You should have seen the water gush when I took out the secret rock.

I haven't mentioned the Cove itself.  The water is so peaceful, you could skip a rock for miles.  It has a marina and you can rent kayaks there if you want.  Mom and Dad once took a kayaking lesson at Deep Cove.  Mom said it was really fun except she was way slower then everybody else.  She even saw a gigantic red jellyfish.

On the last day Mom wanted to look around the shops in the village.  I'm surprised she lasted that long.  I shouldn't complain because she ended up buying me a lock for my bike at the bike shop.  We also discovered the best doughnuts in the world at Honey's.  Mom was glad we didn't find those earlier because she would have grown another inch for sure.  Anyways, for a neighbourhood that seems sleepy on the outside, Deep Cove sure has a lot to do on the inside.

Age group:

Deep Cove has something to do for every age.  Coleman, my little brother has fun playing in the park and getting dirty in the sand.  Somehow I can't imagine Oma hiking the Baden Powell Trail but there are plenty of easier walks, plus she could just sit and look at the scenery if they got tired.

Expense rating:

You could actually go to Deep Cove and not spend a dime (sounds like Dad).  There are plenty of picnic tables (some under cover) if you want to bring your own food.


Mom says she likes the pace at Deep Cove.  According to Mom it's lazy and slow, which helps her to stop and smell the roses.  I think she's right.  There isn't a whole lot to do at Deep Cove, except have fun.


We weren't allowed to go swimming at Deep Cove because the poo count at Panorama Beach in Deep Cove was too high.  Mom says the water is stale because it doesn't move around and mix with the open ocean.


Deep Cove is pretty easy to find.  Even Mom didn't get lost.  You there by taking the Dollarton Highway or the Mount Seymour exit off the Second Narrows Bridge.  Just stay on the Dollarton Highway and it will lead you right into Deep Cove.  Or follow the Mount Seymour Parkway to the end, and turn left on to Dollarton.  Website:


North Vancouver


Deep Cove is definitely more summer than winter.  Some of the ice cream shops even close during the winter.

Educational highlights:

Did you know Deep Cove started as a summer resort about 100 years ago?  When you go, try to find the old Indian War Canoe at Cates Park.  While you're there, also see if you can find the spot where Malcolm Lowry (a famous writer) built his own squatter shack.

Fun for the adult?:

Deep Cove is the type of place your parents would enjoy alone.  I know it's hard to imagine.  They could take a kayaking lesson or go for a big hike, or even go out for dinner.