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Dinotown - Bridal Falls

By Dad


When I was a kid I remember watching The Flinstones everyday after school.  Now I see my kids laughing at the same corny jokes I laughed at.  This surprises me, because I would've thought the prehistoric pedal car, "Bam-Bam" theme too tame for our kids.  If your kids like The Flinstones, they'll have a blast at Dinotown.

Our kids were thrilled to paddle boats along a river, ride pedal cars and dig up dinosaur bones.  We had to drag Nathe away from the prehistoric golf (he was on a winning streak), and Jen refused to wash her hands for the rest of the day after shaking hands with the big furry dinosaur.  By 12 o'clock Nathe was starving.  We headed for the concession and were relieved to find out it was run by the White Spot restaurant.  By the way, you can bring your own food, and even have a barbecue if you want to.  Don't forget to bring your kids'  bathing suits.  We did.  Nathe couldn't resist the spray pool and found out the hard way that wet clothes don't feel so good when you're strapped into a seat belt. 

Age group:

Our kids were three and six when we visited Dinotown.   They loved it.  I'm not sure however if a teenager would get a kick out of it...although we took my aunt and she really enjoyed it. 

Expense rating:

At first glance the entrance fee seems a bit steep--$9.50 for everybody except seniors who get a dollar discount and toddlers two & under who are free--but it pays for everything.  You won't have to shell out extra money to ride the train or watch the stage shows that run all day.  Bring a picnic lunch and you can even avoid the concession.


You could spend the day at Dinotown and you're kids would never get bored.  We stayed for about five hours and Nathe was disappointed to leave (I don't think he was looking forward to the ride home in wet clothes either).  If your kids still have energy to burn, you can always take them to the Trans Canada Waterslides--it's right next door.  Or, if it's adventure you want, spend an extra half hour on the road and go to the Cultus Lake Water Park.  They'll keep the thrill-seekers in your family happy. 


Dinotown is a drive.  It took us about one-and-a-half hours to get there.  Going isn't bad because the kids are excited, but the drive home--you'll be lucky if they fall asleep.  To be honest with you, I got tired of the Dino theme way before my wife and kids did, but I still had fun watching them have fun. 


For information, phone 1-800-491-ROAR.

Dinotown is almost next door to the Trans Canada Waterslides - Bridal Falls

Take the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1) east, exit 135, 10 miles east of Chilliwack.  Website: www.dinotown.com





Educational highlights:

Dinotown proved to me that kids can still have fun without blasting aliens on the video screen or driving virtual reality race cars.  In such a technologically oriented society as ours you have to look hard for these opportunities.  It really is true that the simple pleasures in life give us the most fun.

Fun for the adult?:

My wife tried every attraction at Dinotown.  She couldn't get enough of it.  And, as an aside, the owner told me they get more adult than child visitors coming through the turnstiles.  I guess I'm just too much of a city boy to fully appreciate it.