Murdo Frazer Park and Edgemont Village - North Vancouver

notes from Coleman


Boy, am I ever glad my big brother likes to golf.  Nathan likes to golf at the Murdo Frazer Pitch and Putt golf course, so Mom ends up driving there a lot.  While Nathan is playing golf Mom, Jen, and I go exploring around Murdo Frazer Park.

One day we found a log cabin with a pond in front of it.  I even saw baby ducks there.  Jen wanted to bring one home for a pet, but every time she got one step too close the mother duck would let out a big "Quack" and all the baby ducks would hurry after her as fast as they could.

Another time Mom took us up the "million-step" stairway to Edgemont Village.  I conked out half-way and Mom had to carry me the rest of the way up.  Boy was she ever huffing and puffing when we got the top.  Mom looked like the Big Bad Wolf in the Three Little Pigs.  Luckily, all Mom's heavy breathing was not for nothing.  The Village was right up her alley.  I counted 80 stores all together.  My favourites were the toy store, kids' book store and the ice cream shop (of course).  It sells the best bubble-gum ice cream in the world.  It's hard to say which places Mom like the best-she went in all of them, it seemed.  Maybe the store with the cookie cutters and wire whisks and the coffee shops, of course.  The only problem was Mom was having so much fun she forgot about Nathe.  By the time we got back to the golf course Nathe was madder than a hatter.  So Mom took us back up to the ice-cream shop (only this time we drove).  That was the day I ate two bubble-gum ice-cream cones.

Age group:

I think this outing would be fun for everyone, because everyone likes coffee and ice-cream.

Expense rating:

I'm not sure but I think Edgemont Village costed us quite a lot of money.  Mom opened her wallet at least as many fingers as I have on one hand.  But we have gone to Murdo Frazer Park without spending any money at all.


There's lots for kids to do at Murdo Frazer Park.  Besides the trails and duck pond, there's a playground and tennis courts too.  If you like reading, the village even has a library.  A few months ago they were filming a Muppet movie.  The whole village was dressed in Christmas!  There was even snow in the middle of July!


If your Mom never goes anywhere without her wallet, you could be in for trouble.  There are so many temptations in the village you could be spending a long time watching your Mom open and close her wallet.


Murdo Frazer can be a little tricky to find. The village is easier.  If you're coming from the Second Narrows Bridge, go west on the Number 1 highway past the Lynn Valley exit, and past the Lonsdale exit.  Take the Westview Drive exit.  Turn right on to Westview Drive and go north about 2 blocks until you hit Queens Road.  Turn left and within a couple of minutes you'll see Edgemont Boulevard.  You are now in the village.  You can walk to Murdo Frazer Park from the Village by going down Crescentview Drive (behind the village, west side) about 2 blocks.  And then you will see the "million-step" stairway down to Murdo Frazer Park.  Website:


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Educational highlights:

Did you know Capilano Road was made way a long time ago?  It was built when they laid a big fat pipe across the ocean so they could give the people in living in Vancouver water from Capilano Lake.

Fun for the adult?:

I  know for sure Mom had fun in the Village.  She likes to spend money and there are plenty of chances for her to do that at Edgemont Village.  I don't think Dad would have gotten such a kick out of it, especially if he saw how many times Mom opened and closed her wallet!  He's better off on the golf course with Nathe.