Extreme Air Park - Richmond

by Coleman


Imagine every room is your house has trampolines in it.  If you wanted to go to the bathroom, instead of walking you’d just bounce.  If you wanted to get a snack from the fridge, you’d hop into the kitchen, grab your snack, and hop back to where you were; unless, of course, you were getting a glass of milk, then you probably wouldn’t hop back.  How cool would that be?

Now try to imagine a place that’s 42,000 square feet large, maybe 14 or 15 times bigger than your house.  Now, here comes the impossible as you know it.  Imagine 42,000 square feet of nothing but trampolines.  Trampoline heaven!  If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would say it was impossible too.

Last week we had a Professional Day at school and my parents took me and some of my friends to Extreme Air Park.  It’s located beside Watermania, and all those Cineplex movie theatres in Richmond (Riverport Sports and Entertainment Complex).  Dad was quite happy they had a weekday special so the rates were cheaper than usual.  But then the staff asked us to buy these grippy socks, so we ended up paying the regular amount of money anyways.

We had so much fun.  We started off jumping in a huge room (about the size of a basketball court) full of trampoline.  We just boinged from one trampoline to the next.  Then there was another room with more trampolines, even some on the walls, so you literally could bounce off the walls if you wanted to.  The Foam Zone was a blast too.  You could just freefall into these huge blocks of foam without worrying about getting hurt.  The basketball court was the only disappointment.  The court was not really a court, just three hoops.  All you could do in the end was take shots on a hoop.  The most fun for me was the Dodge ball court.  As soon as me and my friends discovered it, we never left it until our time was up.

I have to be honest, after one-and-a-half hours I was so tired and thirsty.  You wouldn’t think you’d ever get tired of jumping on trampolines, but trust me, you do.

We all gave Extreme Air Park two thumbs up.  The one complaint my Mom had was that parents didn’t have a viewing area.  If parents wanted to supervise their kids or take pictures they needed to go inside and jump.  Unfortunately, Mom said her and Dad’s jumping days were over.  I have a feeling she was just making up excuses, because I saw lots of older people jumping on the trampolines.  All I have to tell her is that she can lose a lot of weight jumping on trampolines.  I’m sure she’ll change her mind next time.


The Extreme Air Park is located at 14380 Triangle Rd, Richmond.  Phone (604) 244-5867.  For more information:  www.extremeairpark.com




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