Fraser Foreshore Park - Burnaby

by Jenavieve


This park is on the Fraser river.  It's a great place to see people fishing on the shore, to hike, or ride your bike.  Dad likes to snooze in the car, while we play frisbee on the grass along the river.  This is also a great place to come when it's really cold in the winter to watch the ice flowing down the river.  Good place for KFC and a picnic in the summer. 

Age group:


Expense rating:

Free, including parking.


I like the trails and watching the river traffic.  Not too crowded. 


Typical park stuff, and other than the river not really anything too awesome. 


Located in south Burnaby at the end of Byrne Road which is off Marine Way.  For more information call (604) 294-7450.




All year around

Educational highlights:

Who is the Fraser River named for?  Simon Fraser, the explorer.

Fun for the adult?:

Walks, and snoozing on the grass or in the car.