Granville Island Brewing Company - Tour - Vancouver

by Dad


I've been wrestling whether this activity qualifies as a family activity or not.  Having the odd cold beer is an acceptable part of my generation but it's not something you want to promote as glamorous to our children.  But what the heck, maybe you can sneak off to a tour while the kids are enjoying the water park or other activities at Granville Island - Vancouver .  As an aside (a believe it or not story) according to Jacqueline Hooper in an article in Vancouver Magazine, Captain George Vancouver in 1792 was the first brewmaker in the area when he used fresh spruce needles and molasses to create a brew to combat scurvy among his crew. 


Located at 1441 Cartwright St., Granville Island.

For up-to-date tour information and costs, please check their website: or call 604.687.BREW (2739)




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