Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve - Chilliwack

notes from Mom


Every time we see a Great Blue Heron, Coleman always says, "Look, there's a flamingo."  I guess they do look alike, except for the color.  I suppose I can't talk.  My whole life, I've always called Great Blue Herons, "Egrets."  I've since learned that Egret is the name given to any herons bearing long plumes during the breeding season.  If I've piqued your interest about herons, you can see plenty of them at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack.


It's a little tough to find so here are the directions.  Take the TransCanada Highway and turn off Exit 109 (Yale Road West).  Turn right onto Yale Road West and keep going until you hit Sumas Prairie Road.  Turn right onto Sumas Prairie Road and follow it to the end.  If you're not at the Nature Reserve, you've taken a wrong turn.  For more information, call (604) 823-6603.  Website:




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