Track and Field - Handsworth High School - North Vancouver

notes from Mom


Do you want your children to be athletic?  A good way of sparking their interest in track & field is by going to a track.  I mention Handsworth because it's the only one close to where we live, but there are others in Vancouver.

We go to the track and just have races for fun.  Jen always gets the biggest headstart, sometimes too big because she leaves Nathan in the dust.  We encourage our kids to jog around the track as far as they can, and then we do short distance races.  When they start getting bored we move onto the soft grass and do goofy races like wheelbarrow, crab walk, and leap frog.  Sometimes we bring the baseball mitts and badminton racquets, and we can't forget Nathan's basketball.  Handsworth also has a paved walkway circling the outside of the track.  This is great for bike riding.  (You're not allowed to ride on the track).  The two kids can go at their own pace and they're never out of your vision.  Actually, the surrounding neighbourhood is also great for bike riding with kids.  It's one of the few flat areas I know of in North Vancouver. 

Age group:

We started going when Jen was three years old and Nathan was six. 

Expense rating:

This is a freebie outing.  Although I suggest you bring drinks:  there's no water fountain. 


You can go to one spot and do a lot of different activities.  It introduces your children to running and racing, as well as winning and losing. 


I can't think of any down points.  It's fun and it's free, so what's there to complain about! 


Handsworth track is located behind the school.  You can get to the school by turning on to Handsworth Road, off of Capilano Road. 


North Vancouver 


You can go anytime, so long it's not raining or snowing. 

Educational highlights:

By going to a school and having fun, you're showing your children first-hand the neat things in store for them at school.  They're left with a positive feeling that school is something they want to be a part of.  Just as important, your kids learn how to handle the glory of winning and the agony of defeat. 

Fun for the adult?:

If you like to run you can do some laps with your kids.  The track has an incredibly spongy surface, which is kinder to parents' bones and muscles.