Harbour View Park - North Vancouver

by Mom


This narrow strip of a park lies along the mouth of the Lynn Creek as it empties into Burrard Inlet.  There's no swings or play equipment here just an interesting place to walk the dog along the river, bird watch or beachcomb.  A 3 storey viewing tower provides a commanding view of the industries along the waterfront.  The adjacent 82 acre Lynnterm stevedoring facility offers glimpses of longshoremen at work. 

Age group:

All ages 

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The viewing tower gives you great view of the harbour, but a view quite different from the glitzy Canada Place view, a view of the harbour at work. 



To get to Harbour View Park, take Mountain Highway "south" of Main Street in North Vancouver and follow the signs.  For more information call (604) 990-3800. 


North Vancouver 


All seasons 

Educational highlights:

The adjacent Lynnterm facility is one of Canada's largest multipurpose terminal facilities, specializing in forest products.  Lynnterm handles in excess of 1,200,000 tons of pulp and paper products annually. 

Fun for the adult?:

I have to admit this is one of those parks when you get there you ask yourself: why are we here?  you have to dig a bit to see beyond the park's mild-mannered appearance:  the harbour at work, Lynn Creek as it empties into Burrard inlet; the park's also a good place to walk the family dog.