Honeybee Centre - Surrey


The Honeybee Centre is a commercial honey farm, research laboratory, and visitor attraction.   At the Honeybee Centre you can shop in the Honey Store, or take courses in beekeeping, candle making, and apitherapy (healing with honey and other hive products).  You can also participate in an educational tour of the honey farm, learn about bee farming, honeybee biology, and more.  Children can safely view honeybees working in a large observation hive, watching the queen lay eggs and worker female bees tend to brood.  And of course, there's an opportunity to sample different varieties of honey. This place would be heaven for Winnie the Pooh.


The Honeybee Centre is located at 7480 176th Street, Surrey.  For more information call (604) 575-BEES (2337).  Website: www.honeybeecentre.com




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