HoneyLand Canada - Pitt Meadows

Notes from Coleman


Can you believe it!  Dad showed me a picture of a man wearing a honeybee beard!  That's right-a beard made out of real live honeybees. Dad said the man's name is Dr. Bee and he owns Honeyland, a place where you can see 1,200 honeybee hives and find out how honey is made.  Apparently Dr. Bee breeds special bees, ones healthy and strong enough to pollinate his organic blueberries and other non-spray orchards.  He has 1,000 colonies.  Anyway if you go to Honeyland you can see a lot of honeybees, maybe even go on a tour or make a beeswax candle.  I just hope you don't get stung.


Honeyland is located at 17617 Ford Road, Pitt Meadows.  If you want to find out more information, call (604) 460-8889 or visit www.honeylandcanada.com


Pitt Meadows