Hot Air Ballooning - Langley

Notes from Coleman


I think Mom and Dad should go for a ride in a hot air balloon for their anniversary.  I mean how cool is that.  Can you imagine sailing around the countryside in a balloon that's as big as a ten-story house?  The world below would look just like a miniature land.  I would wave to all my friends and touch the treetops as we glided along.  Up till now, I thought it was only something Rupert and Curious George could do, but big people can too.

There are about three companies in Langley that sell hot air balloon rides.  Most of the rides happen between May and October, because you need decent weather to do it (no snow or rain).  Usually you go just before the sun rises or a couple of hours before it sets.  Wow!  Think of all the colours.  This would be the time to kiss (luckily kids under 10 aren't allowed to go-how embarrassing).

The ride takes about one hour, but the experience lasts for about four hours, and they say the memories last forever. Imagine all the pictures you could take.  As you might've guessed, it's not cheap.  I couldn't afford it:  $200 a person.  Even the biggest piggy bank in the world couldn't hold enough coins to pay for that ride.  But it you're old enough to own a credit card, you may be able to swing it.


If you want to try a balloon ride adventure, here are a couple companies you can contact:  
Sundance Balloons, (604) 290-0099.
Fantasy Balloon Charters
Balloons Above the Valley, 604-533-2378
Pegasus Ballooning, 604-533-2701




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