Inter-River Bike Park - North Vancouver

by Coleman


Last year I got a bright yellow Norco mountain bike for my birthday. Finally, I had my own bike, so I could go biking with my big brother and his friends.  I had visions of us screaming down a windy trail and launching some big huge boulder.  Nathan told me it would be a while before I could launch a boulder.  He suggested instead that I go with him to Inter-River Bike Park.  Why not--it was better than nothing.

If you've never been to Inter-River Park, you take the road that leads you to Capilano University and the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.  We turned off at the riding stables and I knew exactly where we were. Don't tell me we were going to ride on a bunch of grass fields.  How cheap!   Jen and Nathe had played soccer there a hundred times.  I was just about to start complaining when Mom took an unexpected turn to the left down a bumpy road, and parked our car in a huge gravel lot.

It was there I finally saw what we'd come for:  Inter-River Bike Park.  Talk about sweet.  The runs have about three levels of difficulty, so you can pick the one you want.  I stuck to the easy ones and Nathan did the hard ones.  I had a look at the hard runs, and decided I wasn't ready for those.  Besides I didn't want to embarrass myself by falling off my bike in front of the older boys.  Eventually I did fall of my bike, when I tried a ladder.  They're a lot harder than you think.

After about an hour, Mom said we had to go.  It was a pretty hot day and my hair was soaked, so was the inside of my helmet.  I noticed a couple of people were making hamburgers and two men were singing western songs under a canopy.  Two people were even dancing to the music.  Uh-oh!  That was dangerous, my Mom loves to dance and the last thing Nathe and I wanted was her dragging us out in some parking lot to dance with her.  Nathe and I didn't waste any time in leaving.

Mom said the North Shore Mountain Biking Association was holding a trail day to honour a man who died in a kayaking accident.  I asked Nathan if he wanted to help build the trail, but he said, "Maybe next time."  I think he was still afraid about dancing with Mom.   Anyway, the bike park is a lot of fun and you can even go with your big brother, if he lets you.  Mom was happy too because there are some trails leading down to the Lynn River, which she could walk along and get some exercise.  Actually, we all had fun.


Located on Inter-river Road in North Vancouver.  The Inter-river Bike Park is free to use.   Google Map of Inter-River Bike Park


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