Fishing and Picnic - Jericho Beach Pier - Vancouver

notes from Dad


If all the elements are right, a picnic and a bit of fishing at the Jericho Beach pier makes for a perfect evening.  Great picnic area, great sand beach for kids, great volleyball, great kiting, great fishing, great sunsets, great view of the Symphony of Fire fireworks, great view of the freighters in the harbour, great view of the North Shore mountains, great view of the city...I think you get the picture.

Age group:

All ages

Expense rating:

Free, or nearly free, after all it's a picnic


Take a beautiful summer or early fall evening...the sun going down over Bowen Island, all around you are Hobie cats and wind surfers...the pier is full of young people fishing...the air is just right, not cold not hot, and there's a very slight breeze to make you aware of the elements, the fellow next to you is pulling up a small perch, in the distance children are playing on the beach, and the view of the Vancouver skyline with the last vestiges of sun reflecting on the high-rise buildings...need I say more?


To tell you the truth I can't think of anything bad.


The pier is beside the Jericho Sailing Centre at the foot of Discovery Street. There are a number of nice beaches in this area: to the west of the pier the beach is Locarno Beach, and next to Locarno is Spanish Banks beach, and to right of the pier the beach is known as Jericho.   To get to this area from downtown Vancouver: Go over the Burrard Street Bridge, and then after crossing the bridge head west along Cornwall, Point Grey Road, 4th Avenue, and then on to N.W. Marine Drive.

For more information call (604) 257-8400.




All seasons but summer is our favourite time

Educational highlights:

Locarno beach was originally the site of one of Vancouver's oldest Native Indian village, which existed 2,400 years ago.  The area around what now is known as Jericho Beach was originally called Jerry's Cove after logger Jeremiah Rogers, who ran a local logging operation.  Over time the name Jerry's Cove came to be Jericho.

Fun for the adult?:

Like I said, when all the elements are right on a summer's night there's no where else in the world I'd rather be with my family.