Kayaking on Bowen Island

Notes from Nathan


I always thought kayaking would be a neat sport to try.  I had visions of myself gliding atop the glassy water, sea lions bobbing up beside me, schools of fish swimming alongside me, as I explored the inlets and islands of B.C.'s coastline.  I talked my friend, Andrew, into taking a lesson at the Bowen Island Kayaking Center.  You can't miss this place; it's located right beside the ferry dock at Snug Cove.

Andrew and I spent a day last summer learning the basics of kayaking plus a bunch of maneuvers, like what to do if you roll over, and how to repair a kayak.  What I liked best was seeing all the wildlife like fish, sea-stars, eagles, and seals!  We were close enough to scoop the fish up with our bare hands.  The only problem is kayaks are kind of tippy, and it's hard to get back in there when you fall in the water.  One other thing I learned about kayaking is that it's a great way to get in shape; you use a lot of hip rotation and strength.  My Mom should try it; she's always looking for ways to lose weight.

I wouldn't recommend letting little kids handle their own kayak.  What you can do though is rent a double kayak.  Also, check out the weather before you go.  There were a few whitecaps in the water when Andrew and I went, which made things a little tricky for us.  What I would do next time is phone the Kayaking Center for an update on the conditions before you go all the way out there. 

We capped our day off with dinner at Doc Morgan's, boy was I sore!  Dad must've felt sorry for me because he even let me order steak.  Take it from me; if you're looking for a fun day trip, kayaking on Bowen Island is definitely a good choice.


Bowen Island is a small island across from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.  It takes only 20 minutes to get there by ferry.  We always park at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal and walk on to the ferry, but you can take your car on the ferry if your want to.  You should phone B.C. Ferries for an up-to-date schedule of sailing times (1-888-223-3779), or check the BC Ferries website:  www.bcferries.com

The Bowen Island Kayaking Centre can be reached at 604-947-9266
or visit www.bowenislandkayaking.com


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