Kids Market on Granville Island - Vancouver

by Jenavieve


Our family cannot leave Granville Island without making a stop at the Kids Market.  Talk about fun or what.  It has great stores, a really fun arcade and a kids indoor adventure zone.   The bottom level has mostly toy stores.  My two favorites are the Toy Company and Kaboodles.  Actually, now that I think about it, the Kite and Puppet Shop is cool too, and so is the Funky Little Shop.  It sells "Emily the Strange" stuff.

The top floor has a Clownin' Around Magic Shop and an Everything Wet Store, plus the Adventure Zone, and finally, the moment we've all been waiting for--THE ARCADE.   I love the arcade (it's actually called Circuit Circus).   The games are so much fun.  You can win tickets and trade them in for prizes.  Most of the games cost only 25 cents to play, so your money goes a long way.  One time I won 100 tickets on a single game.  I'll never forget the day Nathan won nine hundred tickets.  He just kept winning on this one game.  I asked him what his secret was, but he wouldn't tell me.  In the end he traded his tickets in for a stuffed bulldog and some candy.

The Kids Market also has a place where you can have your birthday party.  I've never been there, but it looks pretty cool.  If parents want to shop, and their kids hate shopping, they can drop them off at the Adventure Zone.  It has ball pits, slides, punching bags, and probably some other stuff I don't know about.  Also, if it's a hot day, and your kids are tired of playing games, you can head over to the water park.  It has water guns, a playground, waterslides and lots of water sprayers.

On your way to the water park you'll see a pond.  Keep your eyes pealed for ducks, turtles, and fish.  The turtles are usually sun-tanning on the rocks.  There's a wooden boat in front of the pond that kids like to play on.  Don't worry if you get hungry from all those games and shopping, there's a deli beside the arcade.  It sells hotdogs, pizza, burgers, and drinks--oh yah, and ice-cream.

Age group:

As my Mom says, we're all kids at heart.  So I guess the Kids Market appeals to everybody.

Expense rating:

It doesn't cost any money to get into the Kids Market, but you do have to pay for the Adventure Zone and to play the arcade games.  But, like I said before, you can't beat the price (25 cents per game).


The Kids Market has almost everything your child wants, and it will make them happy for a long time (maybe too long for some parents).


Granville Island is a busy spot, so it can be difficult finding a spot to park your car.  Go early and avoid the rush.


The Kids Market is located next to the pond on Granville Island.  If you need more information, just phone (604) 689-8447 or look up on your computer. 




All Seasons

Educational highlights:

Did you know that in the 1970s, Granville Island was a 37 acre industrial park?

Fun for the adult?:

Well to be honest with you, there isn't much for parents to do at the Kids Market, except watch their kids have fun and play.  Do what my Mom does--make a deal--first the Kids Market, then a walk around False Creek or a visit to the Public Market.  That way everybody goes home happy.