Swimming - Kitsilano Pool - Vancouver

notes from Mom


In our family the number one best pool in the world is Kitsilano.  It's huge:  137.5 meters long (11 laps = 1 mile), so you don't have to do too many laps before you get a good workout.  Although the pool is salt water, it's heated so you can last a long time before you start feeling cold.  The kids love it, because it's like the beach--you can walk in at your toe nails and just play in an inch of water if you want to.  Speaking of beach, it's a stone's throw away.  Kitsilano beach is at the same location. 

Age group:

All ages 

Expense rating:

Inexpensive.  Our family gets in for less than $10.  You can buy books of tickets at a reduced price, if you think you'll go often. 


Note from Nate:  I have so much fun at Kitsilano Pool.  We bring a beach ball and play ball tag.  Mom or Dad have to carry Jen because she can't run away fast enough.  Then sometimes we play Submarine, where I ride on Dad's back and pretend we're looking for enemy ships.  Mom's favourite is diving for money.  This year she thought of a new one, Buck'in Bronco on the noodle.  I've seen kids riding on big whales and sea serpents too.  I keep asking Mom if we can  get one, but she always says, "We'll see."  I know what that means. 


Because Kitsilano Pool is on the beach, it can be windy.  Also, you have to pay for parking. I advise you to pay the $1 for two hours rate. We were forty minutes late and got a ticket. 


Kitsilano Pool is just off Cornwall Avenue, at Arbutus Street.  It is open from May to September.  Life guards are on duty.  The pool has full shower and bathroom facilities, as well as a concession serving burgers (salmon burgers even), hot dogs, and French fries in case you didn't have time to pack a lunch. 

For more information call (604) 731-0011.

Also checkout the Maritime Museum in nearby Vanier Park.





Educational highlights:

Children can explore the nearby beach.  The location also has pretty mountain and city views. 

Fun for the adult?:

My husband and I both like to swim, so we take turn doing lengths while the other one watches the kids.  The pool also has slides.