La Casa International Ice Cream - Vancouver

by Mom


One of the things I used to dream about as a kid was going to a place called Ice Cream Land.  Just think of it, every flavour you could possibly imagine, right there in front of you.  La Casa International Ice Cream is the closest I've ever come to Ice Cream Land.  The last time we went, there was 185 flavours to pick from.  I always say I'm going to live dangerously and try one of the exotic flavours like chili, garlic, or wasabi, but in the end I can't resist the taste of peanut butter chocolate or "death by mango".   Jenavieve is a cotton candy, bubble gum type of girl, and Nathan is always dabbling in the mocha and espresso chocolate chip flavours.  My husband can't go into the place:  He gets lost in the flavours.  So he's been eating different variations of white chocolate for the past 3 years.  Coleman settles for a lick whenever he can get it.

Age group:

Eating ice-cream is a universal language.  I can't think of any age or culture that doesn't indulge. 

Expense rating:

A regular sized cone at La Casa costs $4 and you can choose two flavours if you want and sample as many as you like.


The reason people flock to La Casa is because the ice cream tastes delicious and there are so many flavours to pick from.  Where else on the Lower Mainland, or B.C. for that matter are you going to find 185 flavours of ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt?  You could spend all day deciding, except most people want a cone after 5 minutes of watching other people lick, slurp, and bite their own.  What more can I say, La Casa is an ice cream eater's paradise.


Four cones cost us $14 (3 Adult cones, 1 Kid).  When it comes down to it, that's a lot to pay for ice-cream.  I justify it by comparing La Casa to a fine restaurant: you pay more for the ambience and better quality food.


Located outside of Chinatown at 1033 Venables (Venables and Glen).  For more information call (604) 251-3211.  Website:




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Educational highlights:

It's interesting to watch how your kids widdle down 185 flavours.  Jen analyzes every show case and wants me to tell her the name of every flavour that looks interesting.  Nate, on the other hand, just homes in on chocolate and coffee, and doesn't even bother looking at the other flavours. 

Fun for the adult?:

I love going to La Casa.  I feel like I'm fulfilling a childhood dream.  I just wish La Casa was invented when I was a kid and had the energy to burn off all the extra calories.