Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame - New Westminster


Lacrosse, Canada's national summer sport, is a sport with First Nations origins.  Thought to be the oldest game on the North American continent, Lacrosse got its name from French explorers who thought the stick used in Lacrosse resembled a bishop's crozier, or "la crosse" in French.  Games were played by Native Indians with up to 1000 players a game, and games lasting as many as three days.

At the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame see trophies, jerseys, old equipment, and photos of past Lacrosse heroes.

If you get a chance this summer, see the New Westminster Salmonbellies Lacrosse team play at the arena in Queen's Park.


The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame is located at 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster.  Call (604) 527-4640 for hours and more information.  Free.  Website:


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