Ethnic Adventures - Little India - Vancouver

notes from Nathan


We were on our way somewhere and it was 12:00 pm, lunchtime.  My stomach was growling.  I needed food.  I was looking for the Golden Arches, but instead spotted a sign saying, "Samosas".  I persuaded Dad to park the car, and we all headed over to the Samosa restaurant.  What we found was not one Samosa restaurant, but a whole bunch of them.  Dad said we were in a part of town dubbed Little India.  It's in South Vancouver around 49th Avenue and Main Street if you want to go there.  It has everything you need to make samosas and sew a silk Indian sari.

Dad said Little India is like a mini version of India.  Mom couldn't resist going into a silk fabric store, and Jen had to stop at every store with gold jewelry in the window.  We finally lost Mom in a spice store.  She was looking for a special curry spice she couldn't fine in North Vancouver.  It was three hours later before we pulled out of our parking space -- Mom with her special curry, me with my box of samosas, and Jenavieve with her bright gold bracelets already dangling from both wrists.  Dad settled for a box of green, pink, and yellow Indian sweets.  We never did make it to wherever it was we were going.

P.S. Vancouver has lots of ethnic neighbourhoods.  Next time your family is looking for something different, go to Chinatown in downtown Vancouver, or Little Italy on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver, or the Greek restaurants and shops on West Broadway in Kitsilano.  I noticed close to our house in North Vancouver there's a lot of Persian shops along Lonsdale Avenue.  You might have a mini ethnic neighbourhood close to your house and not even know it.


Little India area is located at 49th Avenue and Main Street in South Vancouver. 




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