Lonsdale Quay - North Vancouver

by Coleman


Last Sunday Mom, Dad, Jen, Nathe, and me did something really fun - we went on a boat ride.  The boat ride we went on is called The Seabus.  I couldn't sit still for a minute.  There was so much to see.  From one end of the boat I could see the big city of Vancouver, and from the other end I could see the mountains known as The Lions, and Lonsdale Quay.  That was our stop.  The Seabus ride took us only 10 minutes and it costed the same as a bus ticket.  Nathe said it was going to be lame, but I noticed his camera ran out of film because he snapped it so many times.

Anyway, back to Lonsdale Quay.  You can sure do a lot there.  Our first stop was the food fair.  Nathe is getting big these days and he needs a lot of gas to keep his engine running.  Plus, Dad had a craving for Sushi!  Yuck!  I'll take a plate of fries any day.

After lunch we walked to Waterfront Park and there was a whole bunch of shiny cars on display.  Jen and Nathe groaned, "Oh no, a car show."  That didn't stop Dad.  He took off like a rocket, and he was gone so long we had to give him a time out for making us wait so long.

As we walked back to the Quay, I could hear music coming from the viewing deck.  Sure enough, there was a Mexican band playing and they were even wearing big hats and blankets.  Mom went inside to buy some clams, while we listened to the music. Jen wanted to go upstairs to look at the toy stores, and I wanted to check out the ballroom, but Dad was having so much fun dancing we ran out of time. 

Mom had the time of her life.  She discovered a Farmers' Market on the east side of the Quay.  She bought so many vegetables her arm looked like it was going to break.  So if we go back to Lonsdale Quay, we have to go on Wednesday or Saturday because those are the days the Farmers' Market is on.

Age group:

We all had fun at the Quay, and I think if Oma came with us, she'd have fun too. 

Expense rating:

Like I said before, this outing doesn't cost a lot of money.  Unless, of course, you bring someone like Nathe along who eats pizza, Japanese noodles, and some of my fries for lunch!  Mom might not like this, but there's even a McDonalds right outside the Seabus terminal.


You can't go wrong at the Quay.  Even if you don't like eating, shopping or balls, the view of the Vancouver harbour and the North Shore mountains is really cool.  Just make sure you keep your Dad away from Waterfront Park - in case they have another one of those dumb car shows.  Nobody complained the whole time we were away.  There's so much to do you don't have time to cry or scream.


Nothing to gripe about really.  Even Dad was happy about the parking, because it's free on the weekends.


Located at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue (123 Carrie Cates Court to be exact).  Take the Seabus over from the Seabus Terminal in Vancouver, or use the car.  Open seven days a week.  For more information call (604) 985-6261.  Website: www.lonsdalequay.com


North Vancouver 


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Educational highlights:

The Seabus helps people get out of their cars.  The Seabus won the transit system of year award in 1996. 

Fun for the adult?:

I know for sure Mom and Dad like the Quay.  Anytime Mom gets to look at food and eat it, she's happy.  And Dad was on cloud nine when he found the car show at Waterfront Park.  I guess he gets tired of always pushing me on the swing and watching Jen hang from the monkey bars.