Mission Raceway Park - Drag Racing


If you find yourself drawn to car racing on television, you should think about seeing it in real-life.  I've never been, but I can imagine how exciting it would be.  If you're curious, Greater Vancouver actually has its own Drag racing strip in Mission.  Drag racing is when two high-powered cars line up next to each other, and take off when a light turns green.  They roar down a quarter-mile track, sometimes going over 300 mph, and then use a parachute to stop.  (Earplugs anyone?)  Mission Raceway Park is known as the "best in the west," boasting many broken records for speed.


Mission Raceway is located at 32670 Dyke Road, Mission.  If you want more details call (604) 826-6315 or visit www.missionraceway.com.

As an aside:  Drag racing became popular in the 1960's.  It was part of the Southern California culture.  Next time you hear the song, "Little Deuce Coupe," by the Beach Boys, listen to the words.




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