Walk Along Mosquito Creek - North Vancouver

Notes from Mom


By all rights I should be bored stiff of Mosquito Creek.  I've been going up and down it for over ten years.  Either I'm a true creature of  habit or Mosquito Creek has something to it.  From start to finish it must be close to four miles long.  By start I mean the top where the Baden Powell Trail crosses, and the bottom is all the way down at Fell and West 17th.

In between are not just the creek and meandering forest paths, but a few surprises as well.  The lower part (starting at William Griffin Swimming Pool) is spellbinding in the spring, when all the tall deciduous trees are sprouting leaves.  It's also a salmon habitat area, so you may catch a glimpse of fish in the little ponds.  If you have dogs, bring them along; they'll have plenty of company.  I'm always amazed to see dogs diving into the frigid creek waters during wintertime.  Don't they find it cold?!  Coleman likes to take his bike along the "adventure" (north side) of the creek.  It has a ladder crossing an arm of  the creek and an old car.  It's kind of a bumpy ride for Coleman, but the sweet ending makes it all worth it-a brand new playground and basketball hoops at Fell and 17th.

We had a ton of fun one year tobogganing down the icy slopes at Montroyal Boulevard.  I had to close my eyes a couple of times when it looked like we were going to miss the corner and go sailing into the icy water.  In the summer I've seen kids swimming in the gigantic potholes, or doing what my kids like to do-building dams.  I guess that's what brings me back to the creek:  it never stays the same, even from one minute to the next.  Winter, spring, summer, and fall are all describably different (even to our five-year-old).  You never know what you may see next, (keep your eye out for bears).


The route from the Baden Powell trail to Montroyal Avenue is a bit sketchy.  I usually take Skyline Drive which takes you all the way up.  From Montroyal to 17th is clear sailing.  Don't panic when you hit Del Rio.  Just follow the road, cross Queens and you'll meet up with the trail at the bottom of the William Griffin parking lot.  Parts of the creek actually have trails on the north side as well.  You can access these at four points:  the bottom at Fell and West 17th, the lacrosse box at William Griffin, the foot of the stairs coming down from Delbrook Plaza, the end of Glencanyon Road. 


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