Trev Deeley Motorcycle Museum - Vancouver

by Nathan


My uncle David who lives on Vancouver Island, told me a secret: he said don't tell Aunt Lucy, but when him and his twin brother Dan turned forty they were both going to purchase a brand new Harley-Davidson and head down the highway of life.  Well forty has come and gone, and they still haven't got their Harleys, but when uncle David's in town he likes to visit the Trev Deeley Motorcycle museum, ...and fantasize about motoring down an open road, the wind flowing through his thinning hair.  The museum has over 270 units - 50 different makes and models on 2 levels of display, many pictures and memorabilia to get sentimental about.

Here's some words to hum to on your visit (lyrics by John Kay of Steppenwolf):

get your motor running
head out on the highway
lookin' for adventure
in whatever comes our way

here and God are gonna' make it happen
take the world in a love embrace
fire all of your guns at once and
explode into space

I like smoke and lightning
heavy metal thunder
racin' with the wind
and the feeling that that I'm under

like a true nature's child
we were born, born to be wild
we can climb so high
I never want to die
born to be wild
born to be wild


Open seven days a week, check website for hours and admission cost.
Located at 1875 Boundary Road, Vancouver. For more information call 604.293.2221. Website:




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