North Shore Paintball – North Vancouver

Notes from Nathan


What is Paintball?  It’s a highly intense simulated war game where you shoot other people and they shoot you.  Usually you join a team and play games like Team Elimination and King of the Hill.  My parents can’t understand how it could be fun dodging paintballs that splatter all over your clothes and leave a mess.  (By the way the vegetable oil-based paint comes out in the wash).  My Mom didn’t get off to a good start:  the day she dropped me off she stepped into two balls of paint that splattered all over her new shoes.  It didn’t help when these serious players showed up packing their own high-power guns and the scariest masks you’ve ever seen.  One guy was decked out in a complete camouflage outfit with branches sticking out everywhere.  He looked like a bush.  I can’t help it; I just get a thrill out of guns, making up strategies, rushing, and breaking behind enemy lines.  I think Mom’s afraid I’m going to join the army, get sent to Afghanistan, and come home inside a brown box.

Believe it or not, North Shore Paintball is a safe place.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t bring my seven-year-old brother, but I have seen kids as young as grade six there.  It’s located in an out-of-the-way spot at the foot of Capilano Road in North Vancouver, close to the train tracks.  The worst that can happen to you is you’ll go home with a couple of welts on unprotected parts of your skin. Yes, paintballs don’t tickle.  You’re going to feel every one of them if all you wear is a t-shirt and shorts.  The more clothing the better.  I usually wear old clothes (overalls are good) and rent a mask.  It costs 15 $ to get in if you don’t have any equipment, and with that you get a gun, hopper and mask, paintballs cost extra.  When it’s all over, you’ve spent close to $50, (check website for current costs) but you can stay all day if you want to.  Trust me on this one; if guns and war interest you, you gotta give North Shore Paintball a try.


North Shore Paintball, 100B Capilano Road, North Vancouver; 778-896-6772.  Website:


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