Paddlewheeling on the Mighty Fraser River - New Westminster

Notes from Jenavieve


Last summer Dad talked me into reading Huckleberry Finn.  I wasn't much into boy books that weren't mysteries, so I never got past page 50.  I read enough though to know Huckleberry Finn is about the adventures of a kid who lived about 120 years ago.  Did you know they rode on paddlewheelers way back then?   I've never been on one of those but it sure sounds like fun!

Imagine chugging up and down the Fraser River on a clunky old paddlewheeler?  You probably wouldn't have a care in the world, and maybe you'd even have a long piece of straw dangling out of your mouth.  One hundred years ago you'd see First Nations people trapping fish, miners panning for gold, steamboats, and maybe a trading post for the Hudson's Bay Company.  You might even see Simon Fraser on his historic voyage in 1808 when he named the Fraser River after himself. 

You can take this adventure back in time on the M.V. Native, a two-storey paddlewheeler decked out to look exactly like the original traveling up and down the Fraser River 100 years ago.  It holds about 100 passengers and you can hop on board at the New Westminster Quay Public Market or at Fort Langley.  Did you know you can rent the whole boat if you want and have a Murder Mystery party?  Hey, my birthday's coming up: maybe I can sweet talk Mom and Dad into it.


If you'd like to get more information:  PaddleWheeler River Adventure; 810 Quayside, New Westminster; (604) 525-4465;


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