Panning for Gold - Mosquito Creek - North Vancouver

by Dad


Here's a fun activity for younger children (under 10 years) that will allow them to gain an appreciation of their local creek, and have some fantasy fun.  Choose any local creek (make it a safe creek for small children), I chose Mosquito Creek in North Vancouver because our family lives close by.  Bring pie plates, and find an area of sand, and start panning.  You'll be surprised because sometimes you find the odd speck. 

Age group:

Under 10 years of age. 


For extra fun, when the children aren't looking, throw in a few pennies, nickels,  dimes, or fake nuggets in the sand.  The kids will be thrilled when their panning turns up something. 

You can also pan for gold at the BC Museum of Mining - Britannia Beach and Fort Langley


North Vancouver 


All seasons 

Educational highlights:

In the 1850s the call went out: "There's gold in them thar hills." 

Fun for the adult?: