Sunday Drive to Point Roberts, Washington

by Mom


My husband and his friend own some property in Point Roberts.  They bought it as an investment over 30 years ago, hoping to resell it and make a bundle.  Last summer the property value, unexplainably took off.  Hence the reason for our visit-to hammer the For Sale sign into the ground.  It took us less than an hour to get there.  Point Roberts sits on a small peninsula which is actually part of Delta.  When you look on a map, it seems like Point Roberts belongs to Canada, but in fact it just squeaks in south of the 49th parallel.      

To be honest with you, the kids found it a little less than exciting-but that would have changed in an instant, had we spotted a pod of whales.  Believe it or not, you don't need to go to the west coast of Vancouver Island to see whales, Point Roberts is home to three pods of Orca whales.  Lighthouse Park (located at the south west tip of Point Roberts) even has a two-story tower built specifically for whale watching.  While we're on the subject of Lighthouse Park:  it's a pretty spot to have a picnic, and there are several tables dotted along the boardwalk to accommodate you.  If you happen to bring your fishing rods, all the better.  The dock at Lighthouse Park is a good place to try your luck for salmon or, if all else fails, bullheads.  Judging by the number of fishing boats we saw trolling off the shore, there must be plenty of fish to catch.

If the weather is hot, you might want to go for a dunk in the ocean.  The water should be relatively warm, considering it's right next door to Boundary Bay, which some liken to bathwater in the summer.  There are two public beach accesses:  one at Lighthouse Park and the other at Maple Beach (facing Boundary Bay).  Right in the middle is the Marina, which actually moors over 300 boats.  If you're looking for a place to eat out, there aren't many choices.  I only saw The Reef, which doubles as a bar and another small restaurant.

We ended up scootering along the beachfront roads.  The terrain is pretty flat, perfect for riding a bike or scooter along.   You could, if you wanted to, ride around the entire Point, because it's only two miles by 3 miles in size.

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Just think, you can be in the United States in less than an hour, five minutes if you live in Tsawwassen.  Apparently the food and gas are cheaper in Point Roberts.  My girlfriend used to go across the border just to buy eggs and gas.


In it's heyday Point Roberts was a popular destination for summer fun.  Nowadays there isn't much going on other than the beach.  I don't know if I'd go to Point Roberts for the day, but it would make an interesting sidelight if you're in the area.


There's only one way of getting to Point Roberts by car:  driving to Tsawwassen and taking 56th Street until you hit the border crossing. For more information, call 360-945-2313.  Website:


Delta (Point Roberts is part of the USA, but is attached to Delta)


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Educational highlights:

Did you know there used to be a tavern at Point Roberts called The Reef.  It was owned by a famous wrestler name Gene Kiniski.  Doesn't ring a bell?  Maybe you're too young.  Gene Kiniski was big in the early 60's.

Fun for the adult?:

If you like going to places which are free of distractions, then head down to Point Roberts.  You could spend the day on the beach swimming, building sand castles, watching the fishing boats and looking out for whales and bald eagles.  Whatever you do, don't leave before dark; apparently the sunsets are incredible.