Richville - West Vancouver

by Jenavieve


Richville (a.k.a. Canterbury Estates, Westhill, Camelot, Whitby Estates, British Properties) is one of my favorite places to go for a drive.   Not just because of the deluxe homes, but what an amazing view!  Richville might not be your first pick for a day trip; but it is a great place to go if you just went out for dinner and you have some time to burn, or if you're waiting for a table at a restaurant.  Dad said in their younger days he and Mom would've watched the submarine races from there.  What submarines?!  Last time me and my family went to Richville, we saw the biggest house I ever saw in my life!  It was bigger than most of the hotels we've ever stayed at!  When I say big, I mean BIG.  Once I saw another really big house with a fountain and two limos parked around the fountain, one was black and the other white.  It must be nice to pick what color limo you're going to be chauffeured around in.  Nathan says he's going to live there one day.  Fat chance!  No wonder he's always in a bad mood when we get back to our old house. 

Richville isn't just a place where you can go to see how the rich and famous live; there is one street called Chippendale Road which has a perfect view.  You can almost see the whole world from it.  So, if you want to get a birds' eye view of the fireworks at the Celebration of Lights or Canada Day, or maybe you just want to watch the sunset, be sure to head up to Richville.  I mean who doesn't like looking at some of the nicest homes on the planet.  It's like having your own Hollywood right here!

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All ages

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It is guaranteed fun for the whole family, I mean who doesn't like looking at some of the nicest houses ever? It's like having your own Hollywood right here!


If you go on a summer day, it can get pretty crazy if it is smoking hot and you're all cranky, but other than that it's great!


We usually take the 21st Street exit (Exit 10) off the Upper Levels Highway and go up Westhill Drive as a start. There are lots of areas to explore like Chippendale Road, Finch Hill Road, Marlowe Place, and Chartwell Drive.


West Vancouver


All seasons

Educational highlights:

In 1932, the 4000 acres comprising the British Properties, were purchased by the Guinness family for $75,000. 

Fun for the adult?:

If you liked watching "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous" on TV, you'll like Richville.