Ride the SkyTrain

by Coleman


Want to hear about a super duper adventure you can take your parents on-go for a ride in the sky.  No, I'm not talking about a plane in the sky; I mean a train in the sky.  Riding the SkyTrain is so cool.  You feel like you're on top of the world.

You can climb aboard the SkyTrain at lots of different places in Vancouver.  We got on at the Seabus terminal, and rode it all the way to New Westminster.  It only took us twenty-five minutes-half the time it takes by car.  Dad says you can go to Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, even Surrey if you want to.  They're also planning a track out to Richmond soon.  I hope it goes to the airport, and then I can ride the SkyTrain out to the airport, look at the cool jets, and ride back on the SkyTrain.  How neat is that?

Age group:

Big people, little people, and people in-between all can go for a ride on the SkyTrain 

Expense rating:

The pricing for a ticket depends on how many "zones" you ride.  Dad says a ticket to ride is under $5 for him.


You know what's cool about riding on a SkyTrain-you can look out your window and stare right into the eyes of a bird flying beside you.  Plus, finally you can see the tops of trees, instead of the bottom.  


There's two times of day I wouldn't recommend you ride the SkyTrain:  when people go to work in the morning, and when they come home at night.  Dad used to catch the SkyTrain to work in the morning and he said sometimes all the seats were used up and he had to stand squished like a sardine.


The SkyTrain runs every day.  If you want to get a complete listing of all the SkyTrain stops you can visit their website: www.translink.ca.


Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey


If it's sunny, great; but if it rains-why change your plans?  Most of the SkyTrain stations have big lids on them, so you don't have to worry about getting wet.

Educational highlights:

Did you know the SkyTrain opened the same year as Expo 86.  That was good timing, because the theme for Expo was transportation.  SkyTrain is now the world's longest automated light rapid transit system.  BC Transit says:  SkyTrain moves customers quickly, efficiently and reliably across the region along 49 kilometres on the Expo and Millennium lines through 32 stations.  Running on electricity, SkyTrain is emissions free and energy efficient.

Fun for the adult?:

Mom likes riding the SkyTrain because she can look out the window, enjoy the scenery, and do nothing.