Sasamat Lake - Port Moody (Ioco Area)

by Nathan


Everyone in our family loves to swim.  The only problem is Vancouver doesn't have too many warm water swimming spots you can swim at-next to the pools of course.  Let me tell you about a lake we went to that's totally awesome.  Not only is the water warm, it has sand, and lots of it, perfect for building castles.

Dad and I took out our doughnut and had a blast pushing each other off.  I gave him a pretty good run for his money.  This lake is perfect for dinghies and doughnuts because there are no waves and speed boats to look out for.

Mom didn't get wet, instead she hiked around the lake with Coleman.  It took her about 40 minutes to circle the lake.  My guess is the trail is about 2.5 kilometres long.  Mom said there's a bridge (actually a 200 metre floating walkway with 2 swimming and fishing decks) on the other side of the lake where she saw people fishing from.  I knew we should've brought the fishing rods!

What I haven't told you yet is the name of the lake.  It's called Sasamat Lake and the place you can swim at is called White Pine Beach.

Age group:

All ages. 

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Usually, when Dad tells as we're going to a lake, Jen and I bring enough toys to keep us busy for a 2 hour car drive.  I thought Dad was joking when he said, "we're here", after only about 45 minutes. 

Coleman was happy too because he hates sitting in his car seat.

We were there in June and the water was already pretty warm.  You can imagine how nice it would be in July and August.  They even have a big washroom and place to buy food if you get hungry, which made Mom's day.


Dad always has his radar out for poo.  Sure enough he found geese do-do on the ground, so for the rest of the afternoon he was on the look-out.  Like I told Dad, "They have to do it somewhere."

Also, I bet on a sunny day in the summer the parking lot is packed.  If I were you, I wouldn't wait till mid-afternoon to arrive.  Plus, White Pine Beach does not have a lifeguard watching out for you.


To get there go through Port Moody (St. John's St.), and just as you leave Port Moody turn left on to Ioco Road.  Follow the signs along Ioco Road.  For more information call (604) 432-6359.


Port Moody (Ioco area of Port Moody) 


All seasons

Educational highlights:

I don't know if this is entirely accurate but some people say the water is warm because of the lake's "relationship" with the Burrard Thermal Plant on the other side of the hill. 

Fun for the adult?:

I think Mom and Dad like White Pine Beach because there's so many thing you can do.  If you get tired of swimming, you can build a serpent in the sand, or go for a walk or even fish-that's if you remember to bring your rods.