Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve - North Vancouver

by Mom


One of your kids likes to hike, one likes to bike, and the other is trying in-line skating, and all you want to do is kick your feet up and fish for an hour--sound familiar?  If everyone in your family wants to do something different, take them to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.  It has a flat, paved road for in-line skaters and bike riders, and trails for hikers and bike riders looking for more adventure.  Nestled inside the forest is Rice Lake where you can try your luck at fishing.  We've also seen horse-back riders along the road leading to the forest.

Age group:

All ages.  Your baby will enjoy seeing the action from your backpack or from inside a stroller.

Expense rating:

No cost involved


The beauty of this park is not only in its surroundings, but its versatility.  You can ride your bike, do in-line skating, walk, or jog at any level of intensity you want.  It offers opportunities for all ages and levels of experience to get involved.


Parking is haphazard.  If you have a nice car watch where you park it.  We had our van door scraped by a big white Ford truck.

Also, remember for every big long hill you enjoy riding your bike down, you'll be pushing it back up.  This can pose a problem when your kids all of a sudden get tired and want to go home.  Also, the weather can change quickly.  We went down a trail to far once, and got caught in a rainstorm.  Boy were we soaked by the time we made it back to our van.


Hours of Operation
Winter hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Summer hours: 8 am to 9 pm (Closing time is posted at park entrances; earliest closing 5 pm.)

To get there, go over the 2nd Narrows bridge and take the 2nd exit north to Capilano College/Lillooet Road.  Go past Capilano College, and the cemetery, and follow the signs.  The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve is located at the north end of Lillooet Road in North Vancouver.

Call (604) 987-1273 for tour and general information.  Website: www.metrovancouver.org


North Vancouver


All seasons

Educational highlights:

Anytime your kids spend next to nature, the door is opened to hundreds of learning experiences.  Why does moss only grow on the north side of trees?  What kind of tree is this?  Do you think an animal lives in that hole?

Fun for the adult?:

You can go biking with your children on a paved road and not have to worry about cars, because cars are not permitted beyond the parking lot.  The scenery is also beautiful.