Speeders Indoor Electric Go-Kart Racing - Richmond

by Coleman


I thought electric powered go-karts were lame. I mean everyone wants to hear the Vroom-vroom sound of a real internal-combustion gas engine, right? That's what I though until I tried an electric go-kart in Penticton last summer, boy was it fast, and I had the kart drifting through the corners. My sister and I were racing neck to neck, but she eventually won because I had to ease up as we got warned for bumping each other. Anyway we have our own electric go-karts here in Richmond. They can go up to 75 km/hour and it's indoors too. I got to check it out, maybe I can convince Dad to go on the weekend.


Located at 13471 Crestwood Place, Richmond.
Phone: 604-821-9933
Website: www.speeders.ca




All seasons – Speeders is indoors.