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SplashDown Park - Tsawwassen

by Nathan


I can't remember the last time I had so much fun as when Mom and Dad took us to SplashDown Park.  I tried every single waterslide, except for Black Death.  Dad said I was too young, but really I think he was too afraid to go on with me.  Dad or Mom went on all the slides with me, but sometimes I left them behind.  I can still hear Dad yelling, "Hey, wait for me!"  My favourite was the river rafting.  You actually get to ride down the slide in a inner tube.  Mom said she liked the Corkscrew best, because it had just the right amount of excitement for her.  Dad picked a scarier one called the Whippersnapper.  Jen started off on the babyslides, but it wasn't long before she graduated to some faster ones.  There's plenty of slides to pick from--13 in all.  Then when you find yourself feeling cold, you can warm up in the hot tub.  Or, if you're bored of water, you can play basketball and video games. 

Age group:

I saw people of all ages at Splashdown Park.  Although I noticed people who had babies brought sun umbrellas, because there wasn't enough shade to go around. 

Expense rating:

Dad used his credit card to pay for our entrance fee to Splashdown, so it must have cost a lot.  I know me and Jen were $12.95 each, because we're between 4 and 10 years of age.  Dad said he and Mom were each $6 more than us.  I think kids 3 and under are free and senior citizens pay the same amount as Jen and I.   Dad was ticked off when he found out that Splashdown Park accepts Entertainment coupons.  As usual, our Entertainment book was at home. 


I could spend a whole week at Splashdown Park, and never get bored.  They have slides for everybody, so you don't have to leave early because someone isn't having fun.  Dad said it's built on 13 acres of land, so there's plenty of room to spread out. 


The day we went to Splashdown it was boiling hot.  By the time we got there all the shady spots  were gone.  Mom couldn't get over how many people were there.  She said it looked like a picture from a Richard Scary book.  Mom also told me not to go in the swimming pool anymore, because people were using it to clean their muddy feet off in.  Dad got a little grossed out by the slime on some of the stairways.  He said they needed to power wash it.  Boy, what a fuss budget!  The part I didn't like was waiting in line.  Sometimes it seemed like ages before we got to go down. 


Free parking.  Splashdown Park is located just before the Ferry Terminal in Tsawwassen (4775 Nulelum Way, Tsawwassen). If you want to find out more about it call (604) 943-2251.  Other waterslides in the Greater Vancouver area:  Cultus Lake Waterpark, and Trans Canada Waterslides - Bridal Falls.  Website: www.splashdownpark.ca


Tsawwassen area of Delta 


Splashdown Park opens at the beginning of June and runs all summer long.

Educational highlights:

I don't know if I learned anything from going to Splashdown, except that waterslides are FUN! 

Fun for the adult?:

I think Dad could have stayed at Splashdown until closing time.  Mom finally had to put her foot down and say, "one more turn" because he wouldn't stop.  I bet Mom would have liked it more if there wasn't so much dirt in the pool.