BC Sports Hall of Fame & Museum - Vancouver

by Uncle Frank


The B.C. Sports Hall of Fame is a walk through B.C.'s sport history.  Do you remember high jumper Debbie Brill and the "Brill Bend" or John Landy and Roger Bannister and their 1954 "Miracle Mile"?  You can relive all these thrilling moments.  The time tunnel (1890-present) takes you through various rooms each representing a different time period in B.C. sports history, with lots of exhibits and videos.  Watch  a replay of the 1954 miracle mile where John Landy and Roger Bannister both broke the four minute mile barrier.  The kids will like the Participation Gallery which features hands on activities like a treadwall, arm wrestling machine, and a device to measure your running time over 14 metres.  Other exhibits include the Rick Hansen Gallery, Terry Fox Gallery, Hall of Champions, and First Nations Gallery. 

Age group:

Any child who plays a competitive sport would get a kick out of the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame.  The younger ones might still enjoy the Participation Gallery. 

Expense rating:

See website below for current admission rates.


Sports bring out emotion in people.  All you have to do is watch the soccer fans in Europe.  (In our house you don't have to go any further than our living room).  You can feel the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory as you look at the pictures and videos of B.C.'s famous athletes.  It's good for children also to see how other people handle winning and losing.  It helps them to realize that they are not the centre of the universe.  And I dare anyone not to get teary-eyed as they re-trace Canadian hero Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope. 



Open seven days a week from 10 am to 5 pm. 

Located at Gate "A", B.C. Place Stadium, corner of Robson and Beatty Streets.

For more information call (604) 687-5520.  Website: https://www.bcsportshalloffame.com




All seasons 

Educational highlights:

The B.C. Sports Hall of Fame shows you how everyday people were able to set goals, overcome obstacles and fulfill their dreams.  Children and adults can see how determination and motivation propel people to heights they never before expected to reach. 

Fun for the adult?:

I love sports, any kind of sports, so it wasn't hard for me to enjoy the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame.  When I was a kid my Dad took me to to see Harry Jerome run, and I remember seeing Terry Fox run, because he lived close to our house.  The Sports Hall of Fame brought back these memories for me.  I hope some of my excitement rubbed off on to my kids.