Stearman Beach - West Vancouver

notes from Dad


We drove by Stearman Beach hundreds of times without stopping.  We never knew it was there.  Until one day we made a point of going to Stearman Beach, and turned on to Stearman Avenue off Marine Drive.  And there it was.

Stearman is a perfect beach for children.  The fascination for Nathe was in damming up the stream running down the beach.  Jen tried to scoop up little fish and crabs in the tidal pools with her butterfly net.  Coleman spent a frustrating afternoon on the blanket.  The sand proved too much of a temptation for his oral fixations.  The beach has sand so you can wade in without hurting your feet (although beach shoes help).  It also has logs, which several kids voyaged out on.

If you're tired of the crowds at Ambleside, try Stearman.  Your kids will have fun exploring a new beach.

Age group:

All ages

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The draw for Stearman Beach is that it's off the beaten track, so you don't have to worry about not finding a spot.  It has an intriguing shoreline, so when your kids get cold or bored of the water they can let their imaginations run wild on the sand.  Also it's an easy beach to supervise.  From anywhere you stand you can scope out the entire beach, so nobody gets lost.  If you just feel like reclining back and watching the world go by, you can do that to.  There's plenty to watch both on and off the shore.


Our kids had a great time at Stearman, but they're not teenagers.  Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing any teenagers there, which might tell you something.  It's not a hang-out type of beach.  And don't bother looking for a parking lot--there isn't one.  We parked in front of somebody's house (by the way, the houses are magnificent, especially the one with the trampoline, on the left side of the public beach access).  The only other drawback I can think of is it doesn't have any shady spots.  If you have little ones and no beach umbrella, this could be a problem.


Stearman Beach is about 5 or 6 kilometres from Dundarave beach and village.  Take Marine Drive, and follow until you see Stearman Avenue, go down Stearman Avenue and you're there.


West Vancouver


All seasons, but summer is the best

Educational highlights:

I'm always amazed at how kids create, given sand and water.  Nathe became a dam building architect and Jen an underwater treasure hunter.  Even Coleman couldn't get enough of rubbing his hands in the mud and licking them whenever he could.  Stearman Beach has lots to stimulate your children and keep them happy for an afternoon. 

Fun for the adult?:

You can swim at Stearman Beach.  It has the same type of shoreline as Ambleside or Dundarave Beach.  I didn't go in, but Nathe assured me, "It's warm, once you get in."